"She wears a dress."

Translation:Ona nosi sukienkę.

March 10, 2016

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so its accusative eh


She wears a dress - Nosi sukienkę/ Zakłada/Ma na sobie sukien

Verbs "to wear", "to put it on", "to have it on" refer to the direct object.

Verbs "nosić", "zakładać", "mieć na sobie", refer to the noun (direct
object) which they put in accusative case.

nominative (what is it? It is a dress) - Mianownik (kto? co?) sukienka
accusative (what do I have/wear?) - Biernik (kogo? co?) sukienkę


Neither "Zakłada sukienkę" nor "Ma na sobie sukienkę" translate to "She wears a dress", and that's what the first line of your comment seems to suggest.


I am fully aware of the statements I've made. This is how native English speakers use the verb "to wear". I am really glad that the translation "Ona ma na sobie sukienkę" is accepted here, after all.


Oh, must have been a mistake, I removed it, thanks for letting me know :)

I discussed your comment in the main "to wear/to be wearing" post with one of the native speakers that help us, and she generally agrees with you, but with one crucial restriction. Let me just copy her answer:

If you actually include the always in the sentence then yes, it's possible. A context in time makes it okay:

He's always wearing strange hats around the office.

This summer she is mainly wearing pink dresses.

When it is cold, I make sure my child is wearing gloves.

But I have in mind @alik's comment on a different topic: this is in POL4EN, not EN4POL, and it won't help English speakers at all to understand what noszę doesn't mean, if I am wearing is accepted as a translation for it.

She also confirmed when I asked if it means it's too much to accept "is wearing" in those very basic sentences like "Ona nosi sukienkę". So... I'm afraid that we're gonna stick to the way we teach it now.


When are the three different forms of "wear" used again? Nosi=? Nosze=? Nosisz=?


I should say, 3 forms introduced by this stage of the course...but good point!

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