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Microphone is still NOT working! What the heck?

My microphone is a Logitech C510 Webcam/mic, latest drivers installed. Browser is Google Chrome (Latest version too). I have flash installed and my OS is Windows 8.1.

The mic just won't work. Whenever I record something when practicing french, the site will say "I can't understand you well". Tried different browsers, still nothing.

Is this a bug or something?

January 2, 2014



having same problem with Chrome and using headphones with a built in mic...


My relatives and I are having the same problem. I'm starting to think the microphone only works on a phone app--not on a PC. I'm using IE on WIn 8.1 on a Surface Pro. Neither the built-in mic nor my headset works, but both work fine with Skype.

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