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"Meine Kleidung, meine Schuhe, meine Kleider"

Translation:My clothes, my shoes, my dresses

January 19, 2013



Is "my clothing" also a correct translation? I wrote "My clothing, my shoes, my dresses" and it says the correct answer is "My clothes, etc."


No. "Clothing" is Bekleidung. And it's gender is also feminine so Meine Bekleidung would be the correct translation for "My clothing" :)


Why does "Kleid" in plural turn into "Kleider"? I thought that plural always ends with "e" or "en".


Yes and no :) I mean, I've learned that in German, plurals don't follow any kind of strict rule like Spanish or English (plurals always end with "S"), or Italian (O becomes I, and A becomes E). It's a bit more complicated, for some words plural ends with E or EN, for other words with R or ER, other words with S, for other words you put an Umlaut (Apfel, Äpfel), other words just change their structure completely, and other words don't change (you identify them with the article: Das Mädchen, Die Mädchen) :) haha......in conclussion, you have to memorize them :) just like gender :)


Oh I see. At first I thought there were some grammar rules that I don't know about behind it, but guess I'll just have to memorize those words like you said. Thanks! :)


Yeah, weird. It's like Kleider is a separate word meaning clothes or dresses, and not really the plural of Kleid per se (I mean gramatically, not in terms of meaning in English). Can anyone help?


As I know Kleider is the plural form of Kleid.


kleidung is one of the clothes or clothes?


I guess Kleider is also clothing and dresses.


Meine Kleidung = meine Kleider?


Ein Kleid = a dress, Kleider = dresses (plural), Kleidung = clothing. There appears to be no singular for clothing, just like English.

However, zu kleiden = to dress, e.g. "Sich zu kleiden wissen" - Know how to dress.


How do you know 'meine Kleidung' is a plural phrase?


Well there isn't really a singular of "clothing/clothes".


Kinda sounds like a little, spoiled brat saying this.


What do you mean by that?


Have you ever hear a little girl scream that things were hers, especially when she has to share but doesn't want to? "It's mine, mine, MINE!" I swear that my little cousin has screamed this a thousand times at the other little girls I babysit along with her. That's what I mean.


Yes, yes she does. Possessive much?

(PS- DieKartoffel, I love your username :D)


Clothing and clothes are synonyms in English. Why is clothing not accepted?


Clothing is the abstract reference of attire; where clothes is the specific one.

Change of clothing is something a fashion model does many times a day.

Go change your clothes .. [You cannot say "Go change your clothing"]

Food and clothing are considered necessities of life. [You cannot say food and clothes]

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