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  5. "Nie kupuję ciężkich lodówek."

"Nie kupuję ciężkich lodówek."

Translation:I do not buy heavy refrigerators.

March 11, 2016



Tfw you're too lazy to spell refrigerator so you always use fridge


Is the ‚k’ in „ciężkich” actually silent? When playing it using the “slow button” Duo doesn't pronounce it at all. I tried to look it up elsewhere and found „ciężki” with the ‚k’ pronounced (at https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ciężki), but I would easily believe that the genitive case changed how the ‚k’ was pronounced so that reference didn't reassure me.

As an English speaker I totally accept that words can be spelled in ways that don't match their pronunciation (and it seems they're mostly the exception in Polish), but I just don't trust Duo's accent!


No, it is pronounced as usual. Sometimes you can also check pronunciation on Polish Wictionary: https://pl.wiktionary.org/wiki/ci%C4%99%C5%BCki or Forvo: http://forvo.com/

TTS seems to pronounce it correctly. I hear "k".


What case is ciężkich in?


Both the noun and adjective are used in Genitive.


No, YOU pay attention to the accents, speech synthesis...


As it's not possible to distinguish "kupuję" and "kupuje", I disabled the audio exercises.

Usually LICA98 reports all such instances, it's a surprise to see someone else do it ;)


To be fair, it did accept 'kupuje' as well, just told me afterwards it was supposed to be 'kupuję'. I actually had another listening exercise with the same problem in the same lesson.


Yeah, I guess it probably accepts it with a typo, as in other exercises. Otherwise, we would be flooded with reports and comments about that, and actually there are not that many of them.


"Kupuje" could be a correct answer - should be accepted without further comment


The subject of this sentence is "I", so the right form is "kupuję" (1st person singular). "kupuje" without the 'tail' is 3rd person singular.


You're absolutely right, I probably thought it was a listening exercise.


As listening exercises are concerned, we currently block them if the 1st and 3rd person forms only differ by ę/e and there is no subject specified in a different way. It's blocked here as well. There's a slight chance I may have blocked it after reading your comment, but I don't remember opening that sentence in Incubator recently.


Why can't I not buy "the heavy refrigerators"? It was marked as wrong :(


Added, you can now :)


No. Still not added...


It is, it should have worked. I refreshed the list of answers, maybe that will help.


It doesn't still work.


What can I say... There's nothing more I can do here. Maybe it just needs some time to get applied. I suggest that next time you can just answer without "the", not to get annoyed... and if you decide to do it with "the" and it's still rejected, could you take a screenshot, upload it on some hosting website and link it here?


Where is the slow button and how do you use it?


Nie kupuję ciężkiej książki!


You should try the paperback editions for heavier books, they're usually lighter in weight. :-)


Can someone please explain the declension on lodówek on this one? It doesn't seem to follow any of the patterns i've seen for genitive feminine plural.


"lodówek" is genitive feminine plural. The full declension for "lodówki" is: 1. mianownik/nominative (kto? co?) - lodówki 2. dopełniacz/genitive (kogo? czego?) - lodówek 3. celownik/dative (komu? czemu?) - lodówkom 4. biernik/accusative (kogo? co?) - lodówki 5. narzędnik/instrumental ((z) kim? (z) czym?) - lodówkami 6. miejscownik/locative (o kim? o czym?) - lodówkach 7. wołacz/vocative (o!) - lodówki!


Why is this not accusative?


Negated accusative becomes genitive.

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