"Lubię ten bar."

Translation:I like this bar.

March 11, 2016

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Is "bar" the most common word for a place where one can consume alcoholic beverages?


Many years ago I travelled in Poland with a Polish phrase book and asked people about a “szynk.” The only thing I managed to find out was that it was (at that time) a hopelessly outdated expression.


It is probably an archaic loan from the German word schenke, which also means pub.


Maybe it is come from "zinc" -> "un zinc" is a bar in popular French


My dictionary gives "taproom" as the first translation for "szynk". That's more than somewhat outdated too!


But on the flip-side when I hear the word 'bar' used in Poland, most often it is in reference to something like a snack-bar, or bar mleczny not a place for alcohol.

As an English speaker when I here the word 'bar' I think of a place to buy and consume alcohol, which may happen to sell some very basic food like chips or finger food.


I guess yes. Pub (pronounced the English way) is also possible, and then there may be some more specific and/or colloquial words. Or just using the place's own name.


I have often heard the word "knajpa" used as well, which is shown in some dictionaries as a pub or tavern. I assume it is a loanword from the German "kneipe"., and is also used in Ukrainian and Czech, as well as other Germanic languages.


I think that would be "Kocham ten bar"

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