"Oni pracują w regionie."

Translation:They work in the region.

March 11, 2016

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Isn't "in the region" essentially the same as "in the area"?


The closest equivalent of "area" is "obszar". I think area has too many meanings, including for example penalty area (penalty box) in football - so it can be something really small, that couldn't possibly be called region. If English has exactly the very same (in writing) word as Polish, why complicate it? ;)


They work within the region should have been acceptable.


A similar question: why not "district"? Has REGION in Polish a specialised meaning, like "precinct" or "prefecture"?


That's the case, that 'region' is very vague, and 'district' is too specific, too narrowed down. A "district" of a city is "dzielnica".

Polish Wiktionary translates 'precinct' as 'dzielnica' or 'rejon', with the mention that it's e.g. 'rejon komisariatu', so the area on which a given police department has authority

And 'prefecture' is 'prefektura', but my only association with this word is geography of Japan.


They work in this region, "the region" is non specific, the region of what?


Probably the same as we are in now, or one known from the context.


What is the difference in this region or the region, exacly the same meaning in my English.

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