"Chłopiec szuka swojego psa."

Translation:A boy is looking for his dog.

March 11, 2016

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Mam nadzieję, że znajdzie swojego psa!


is your sentence valid in Polish? does it mean "I hope he finds his dog (in the future)?" despite your verb znajdzie being in the present?


Znajdzie is from znaleźć, the perfective form. Present would be znajduje.


This sentence sounds extremely funny for Czechs :)


i get it why..szukać is a false friend for czechs and slovaks


this sentence i can sing during the night

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What do you mean? I think I probably could too.

I am getting this phrase in many times in practice every day. This is also happening for other phrases in this skill (Possession 2). I also find it very hard to turn the skill gold. At the moment I can't do it, even if I repeat the lessons 10 times. And on the rare occasion when it does turn gold, it reverts within 5 minutes.

After I do the lesson, I check the word strengths, and it says that words like "szuka" have not been practiced for 12 months! Which is probably why it thinks I need to practice it again.

I don't know if it is a bug in Duolingo, or this particular Polish lesson (Possession 2).

Are you seeing the same?


Clearly a Duolingo bug. I read they've been changing something recently, so maybe something went wrong. Although frankly I've never had such problems that users sometimes report.

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Thank you Jellei,

I think you are right, that it is a Duolingo bug.

FYI it is not recent, it has been happening for many months.

Here is the same issue reported by someone else 5 months ago. Exactly the same skill - Polish, Possession 2:


And here it is from many other people. It seems to be a problem for Possession 2 in other languages too!


Sorry for cluttering up this sentence discussion with this issue. I'll stop it now.


Can someone explain to me in what situations swojego would mean 'his,' and in what situations it could be translated as 'their'? Thanks a lot!


Great! No wonder the translation notes made no sense. Thanx!


They - one. Their - ich. He - on. His - jego.


Not really. 'They' is also 'oni'. 'Their' turns from 'ich' to 'swój' if 'they' is the subject (the doer) and the object belongs to the subject.


"Seeking" is a synonym for "looking for", why should it not be accepted?


Added versions with seeks and is seeking.


Somebody explain me why I have seen this sentence every day, in every single practice for more than 4 months. There is something very broken in duolingo's sentence selection algorithm.


It sure sounds strange, but it's nothing that we can do about it here. On our side, this sentence just exists once in the course. You may report it in the Troubleshooting forum if you want, but I wouldn't get my hopes high.


Thank you for your answer. I was hopping you (moderators and course developers) had more direct contact with duolingo than normal users. I'll try the forum, anyway.


Why does it have to be “A boy”, and “The boy” is deemed incorrect in this case?


In almost any sentence, both "a" and "the" work, and they sure do here. "The boy" should have been accepted.


You mean "searching his dog" or "searching for his dog"? ;) The latter works.


Why do you not accept "chłopiec szuka jego psa"?


We do accept it, but please remember that this technically means "Stevie is looking for John's dog", not "Stevie is looking for his own dog".


Why does this sentence appear a milion times??? I'm so sick of it, that I try to skip it every time. But then I get wrong and it appears again and again...


Exactly because of what you're doing. The "Skip" button doesn't mean "Don't give me this sentence", otherwise you could finish the lesson by skipping everything. You need to get every sentence right before finishing the lesson.


What happened to the tips in the desktop version? They have disappeared for the last three lessons. Are there to be no more tips for future lessons of the tree?


Unfortunately, there are only Tips&Notes for a part of the course :|


Why not 'jego' ?

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