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Anyone else just start speaking Spanish to people out in the community?

This past week when I have come across native Spanish speakers working in various locations (the car wash, Supercuts, cafes) I just bit the bullet and said thanks in Spanish or somehow worked into conversation somehow that I am studying Spanish now and practiced with them.

So far the result has been overwhelmingly positive. I was worried that someone may think I was being rude and implying I don't think they can speak English well but I always make it clear that I am a student and thanked them for the extra practice. :)

I listened to an interview with the creator of Duolingo and he said one of the best indicators of someone really becoming fluent in a new language is not their smarts but their willingness to feel dumb and uncomfortable around strangers and I have to say.. I totally agree.

It feels very rewarding to actually communicate with someone and know that even if I make a million mistakes we were able to (for the most part at least!) connect! :)

2 years ago