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  5. "Ela daria uma boa namorada."

"Ela daria uma boa namorada."

Translation:She would make a good girlfriend.

January 3, 2014



I guessed right, but can't find any definition anywhere of 'dar' that means 'make' so I'm wondering if there is another way to say 'she would make a good girlfriend' other than this idiomatic one.


"Dar" here is like "to result in", to "give a result".

Vamos ver no que dá = Let's see where it ends.....
Isso vai dar problema = That will result in problem....


"ela faria uma boa namorada", although this is a bit less common I think.


This is not a good sentence in Portuguese.


I am Italian and I use duolingo for both languages , Portuguese and English. Well... I have some problems to understand the meaning of the sentence in both languages.. Does it mean that the girl is going to be a good girlfriend or something like that??


What Davu said :)

The verb "dar" can be roughly understood as "to result in" in many cases:

  • Não vai dar problema? = Isn't it going to (bring/retult in) problems?
  • Quanto deu a conta? = What was the result of the calculation? (The calculation resulted in how much/many?)
  • Ela daria uma boa namorada = She would (be/result in) a good girlfriend.


Close. More like "would be" than "is going to be".


Is that really how they say it?


Danmoller, até podem algumas pessoas falar assim, mas não lhe soa estranha essa frase? Eu acho que "Ela seria uma boa namorada." cairia melhor.


Com certeza, é uma expressão. Coloquialmente é muito comum (pelo menos no RJ), mas por escrito a sua frase fica muito melhor mesmo.


Would I run into any trouble interpreting it this way?:

lend oneself or itself to something

Fig. [for someone or something] to be adaptable to something; [for someone or something] to be useful for something. 

e.g. This room doesn't lend itself to bright colors. John doesn't lend himself to casual conversation. I don't think that this gown lends itself to outdoor occasions.

From: http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/lend+oneself+or+itself+to


Duo accepted she would be a good girfriend....but i got wrong at the first time


Now Duolingo starts doing the same as Netflix: LGBT agenda... is it really necessary when learning a language? No.

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