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  5. "Kupujesz coś na obiad?"

"Kupujesz coś na obiad?"

Translation:Are you buying anything for lunch?

March 11, 2016



Obiad is dinner..


Tips & Notes for Food 1 skill:

Obiad is the main meal of the day, usually eaten around midday (12PM to 4PM). It is usually translated as lunch (because of the time of the day when it is eaten), sometimes as dinner (since it is the main meal which is often eaten socially – with family members, in a restaurant etc.)

Kolacja is a medium-sized evening meal, usually eaten between 6PM and 9PM. Again, since the conventions for naming a meal of this kind in English vary, it can be translated in two ways: as dinner or supper.


Obiad may be usually translated as lunch in north america, but in Polish it's dinner nonetheless. It shouldn't be wrong if you write obiad since it's the correct way.


both "dinner" and "lunch" are accepted.


What is the difference between "coś" and "czymś" which was mentioned earlier this lesson?


Cases. "coś" is either Nominative or Accusative, "czymś" is Instrumental. So, let's say "Kanapka z czymś" (a sandwich with something).


How about "will you buy something for lunch"?


We prefer not to mix tenses. Kupujesz is undoubtedly present tense.


Something or anything? Would there be any difference in Polish


Why do sometimes "dla" is used to mean "for", while other times, like this sentence, uses "na"?


It's rather "dla" when it's for someone, like buying a gift for someone. Or making lunch for someone.

Here we just have a different meaning of the word 'for', and 'dla' wouldn't make any sense here.

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