"A person is eating an apple."

Translation:Une personne mange une pomme.

January 19, 2013

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When to use "mange" and and when to you use "manges" ? @Sitesurf


Hello! here is the conjugation of verb "manger" at present tense:

je mange, tu manges, il/elle/on mange, nous mangeons, vous mangez (polite and plural), ils/elles mangent.


A person comes under which category ? il/elle/on ?


If by category you mean gender, "personne" is feminine (elle).


i think you use "manges" when the word "tu" goes before that word


You should use mange when you want to say "Je mange une pomme" (I'm eating a apple) While you would use Manges like this "Tu Manges une pomme"(You're eating a apple)

I might be wrong with my sentence structure, hopefully not!


Does "g" in "mange" sound like in Enlgish "region" or like "sh"?


It is the soft one at the end of "garage"


I wrote "Une personne est mange une pomme" is it was incorrect. Can anyone explain why this is wrong? thanks


In English, to mean that an action is in progress at the time you speak, you use the continuous verbal form, ie verb BE + action verb in the gerund form (-ing). o he is eating means he currently eats

In French, this verbal form does not exist (directly translated “il est mangeant” is incorrect).

Therefore, you can translate either “il mange” or “il est en train de manger”, where the construction verb être + en train de + infinitive correctly expresses the English continuous form.

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