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  5. "Une femme agit seule."


"Une femme agit seule."

January 19, 2013



How would you write "A woman acts lonely"?


I don't know. "A lonely woman acts" would be "une femme seule (or "esseulée") agit".


You mean in a sense of "looking/appearing lonely," right...? I'd say: La femme a l'air solitaire. Frankly, I doubt anybody would ever use the sentence we just went through in any context. This has to be some computer-generated nonsense like many other sentences. Google can't find a single sentence like that.


"agit" means "acts", ie she is doing something by herself.


The top translation for "agit" is "is". So why is "A woman is alone" rejected?


you miss "acting" "agit" is not translated by "is" but by "is acting" = continuous present of verb "to act" In French there is no continuous present, so to simplify, Duo generally translates the English continuous present by the French simple present: "elle agit" = she acts or she is acting.


I'm pretty sure that the suggested translation was "is".


"is" is not synonumous of "acts". "is acting" translates in "agit" or "est en train d'agir".


Because Duolingo messed it up again


I think that Duolingo is great for practice, but when it comes to really understanding the nuances you must rely on additional sources.


In this sentence, it appears that "seule" is an adverb modifying the verb "agit", yet it takes on a feminine spelling as if it were an adjective modifying the subject, "une femme." Is this the rule in French, that adverbs take on the gender of their agent nouns?


No, adverbs are by definition invariable. In this sentence, "seule" is indeed an adjective which needs to agree with the name but it is "une apposition" and to make it very clear, it would need a comma before:

  • une femme agit, seule.


What it means when he or she acts? Is this film-role when actors plays-acts? sorry I am from Slovakia, and my english is sometimes bad.


to act is to do something, simply to execute an action.

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