"Ik houd van aardrijkskunde!"

Translation:I love geography!

2 years ago



Earlier in this section, the exercise was to translate this sentence from English into Dutch. I typed 'Ik houd aardrijkskunde van.' It was marked wrong, and showed that it should be 'Ik hou van aardrijkskunde.' (no d on the end of hou) Which is right? Ik hou van or Ik houd van? Thanks.

2 years ago

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Both 'ik houd van' and 'ik hou van' are correct. (Same with 'ik rijd' and 'ik rij', for example)

2 years ago


i think your problem was that you put "van" at the end of the sentence hou/houd doesn't make a difference

2 years ago
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