"Dlaczego ten człowiek leży na ławce?"

Translation:Why is this man lying on the bench?

March 11, 2016

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Previously, czlowiek was translated as "person", or "human". Why use czlowiek here instead of mezczyzna? Or, why translate it as "man" instead of "person lying on the bench?


It's complicated. I think person or human should be accepted as answers.

But we often refer to a man as ten człowiek, while we would refer to the woman ta kobieta. He is a good man - To dobry człowiek She is a good woman- To dobra kobieta


There was an answer a few lessons ago: "ten pan nie ma domu" :)


why isn't a person known as a czlowiek?


This was on the news on tv , it's a topic that had kicked around for some time and I guess they finally chose to resolve it.


why is that person lying on the bench, sounds more acceptable


Actually there was a conflict of those tow words and tjhe experts resolved it in the past week saying, lying on the bed,bench ground or whatever was the proper word in this occasion. Lying can imply that he is supine on the bench telling untruths.


Is that for real ??? that is funny , because many words have more than one meaning. example; I sent you a letter. so did i send a written letter or just a letter from the alphabet Never mind. thanks for the reply.


Kapitalisty (c) "red heat" movie


Did you mean "Kapitaliści" (capitalists)?


bo jest pijany

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