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Missing reports, missing scores, missing progress

My 4th graders have been using Duolingo and are enrolled as a classroom. After we returned from the Winter break in January, I discovered that all of the lessons my students had completed had been lost. None of their former scores show. Fortunately, we have discontinued using Duolingo this month because we were working on a research project, but will return to the program within a week or two. Can you please let me know what is needed to restore their former scores? Also haven't been receiving reports. When I log in their individual accounts, I can see their activity, but even when they successfully complete all areas, they are only receiving one bar. Can you help?

March 11, 2016

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Hi there! We introduced assignments for Duolingo for Schools in December, which required a number of design changes to the product. You can read more about this change here. You can still see your students' scores by going to their activity details or course progress (see screenshot).

Regarding the weekly progress reports, I checked out your account and it looks like your email address was marked as blocked and thus could not receive emails from Duolingo. This can happen if you or your email provider mark emails from Duolingo as spam. I have unblocked your email address and you should receive weekly progress and other schools related emails.

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