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  5. "Now I trust you more."

"Now I trust you more."

Translation:Teraz ufam ci bardziej.

March 11, 2016



What is the semantic difference between "bardziej" and "więcej"?


"Więcej" describes amount or number of something, whereas "bardziej" describes intensity.


"Teraz bardziej ufam ci" - why not?


Polish doesn't like to leave pronouns at the end of the sentence so if it is possible, you shouldn't put them at the very end. And if you really want, it would be: "Teraz bardziej ufam tobie" and the accent falls on tobie (I trust you more than I trust someone else so the meaning is completely different).


"Teraz ci ufam bardziej" sounds correct but was marled wrong.


Sounds weird. Teraz tobie ufam bardziej, would be a bit better, but still I cannot think of the context for that word order.


Is "Teraz ufam ciebie" correct at all, even if awkward sounding? Or just plain wrong?


I expected the adverb to come before the verb not at the end of the sentence


I guess whoever wrote this sentence wanted to emphasize 'bardziej' (so it's like 'more than previously'). This sounds okay to me, but I'd go with "Teraz bardziej ci ufam" myself.


Why not "tobie"?


I don't see a reason for an emphatic version of the pronoun here.

If I wanted to say "Now I trust YOU more (than him)", I'd go for "Teraz bardziej ufam tobie".


I put ja in the sentence and it marked it wrong. Should i not use pronoun ever?


I have to admit, we used way too many subject pronouns in the early lessons, which might have given the wrong impression that they are sort of optional.

The general rule is, never use first and second person pronouns, unless there is a good reason to emphasise them or to illustrate a contrast.

In this sentence it's rather unlikely:

Teraz ja ci ufam bardziej = Now it's me who trusts you more (last time it was someone else).

More info here:



Simple "Ja teraz ufam ci bardziej" is acceptable (added), but still "ja" is totally redundant and usually wouldn't be used. It still sounds as if "I" was contrasted with someone else (OK, so Matt's trust didn't change, but I believe you and trust you more now).


I just had that sentence ("Now I trust you more.") where I had to click the Polish words to make the translation, and "ci" was not one of the words on offer The solution I picked (which was marked correct) was Teraz ufam wam bardziej


Yes, as English "you" is totally ambiguous, both singular "ci" (Now I trust you more, John) and plural "wam" (Now I trust you more, John and Susan) are equally correct.

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