"Kupowałeś lody, gdy zgubiłeś portfel."

Translation:You were buying ice cream when you lost your wallet.

March 11, 2016

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"You were buying ice cream when you lost the wallet" -- You need the article "an" here. --

Whereas: "You were buying ice cream when you lost your wallet." Is given as a correct solution.

Posting this in case someone else makes the same mistake without seeing the hint. Just don't think it's a mistake.


"ice cream" or more specifically if referring to a particular treat "an ice cream" would both work


"you lost your wallet when (or while) you were buying ice cream" is equally as natural I think


I think "when" only works here because buying ice cream is quite a short action. In other cases, "while" is needed, like "You lost your wallet while you were playing basketball".


"while" is only accepted with "while you were buying", and "when" in both "when you were buying" and "when you lost".


After thinking about it for a while, I'm not sure if "when you were buying" is correct. At least "when you bought" and "while you were buying" sound better to me.


I chose the "ask a native" lifeline and got a "nothing wrong with "when you were buying" answer.

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