"Fa colazione a casa!"

Translation:Have breakfast at home!

January 19, 2013



Fare colazone = have breakfast Preparare colazione = make breakfast The tu imperative form should be either fai or fa'. Fa is the third person singular

May 12, 2014


so doesn't this mean that "he has breakfast at home" is a valid translation? That's what I put and was marked down. Answers please.

August 3, 2014


It's about the imperative - see the exclamation mark. In this case only "Have breakf... "can be correct

January 6, 2015


Is this necessarily the case? Couldn't it just be an exclamation of surprise for whatever reason? I know for instance of a certain italian who has breakfast at his mum's because he doesn't like the way his wife makes it. No imperative in that, but certainly an exclamation.

January 6, 2015


"Make breakfast at home" is also an acceptable answer

January 19, 2013


In archaic English one did "make a hearty breakfast" (i.e. eat). But it's not used much now. The sense "make" now corresponds to the Italian preparare

April 15, 2013


it's now accepted by Duo but i'll correct myself from now on, thanks for the explanation

January 20, 2015


Which person should we use - stai a casa is 2nd person sing. -"fa colazione a casa' is third person. Is there a rule to follow? Or do we just use an exclamation mark?!

July 31, 2013


actually I think 'fa colazione' is a form of the second person imperative of fare, the other form being 'fai'. The third person would be 'faccia'.

October 26, 2013


"Fa" can be either third person indicative present - or - second person imperative present: http://italian.about.com/library/verb/blverb_fare.htm

October 24, 2014


Would you e.g. take a breakfast at home? Make is nonsense (again) imho.

August 3, 2014
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