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  5. "Your cat is small."

"Your cat is small."

Translation:Wasz kot jest mały.

March 11, 2016



"Wasz kot jest smaczny" would be more in Duo style


Twoja kotka jest mała - would that fit as well?


If that particular cat was female, yes. I think it should be reported, in fact(it is not a 1:1 translation, but given how English language treats gender of animals, it is close enough, I think).


Is kot masculine?


If a particular animal's gender does not match the gender of the word, do we go by the gender of the word or of the specific animal?

Eg a female kot, or a female pies, or a male kaczka, male ryba, etc.

Ive asked a similar regarding when dzeici or ludzie have a male in the group. Does it change how the word is treated?


Bylem na rodzinnych wakacjach. Teraz jestem tu.

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