"Your cat is small."

Translation:Wasz kot jest mały.

March 11, 2016

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"Wasz kot jest smaczny" would be more in Duo style


Twoja kotka jest mała - would that fit as well?


Bylem na rodzinnych wakacjach. Teraz jestem tu.


When do you use WASZ and when do you use TWÓJ


"twój" is for 2nd person singular (your cat, Jack) and "wasz" is 2nd person plural (your cat, Jack and Susan). So basically it depends whom you're talking/referring to.

By 'referring' I mean that you may be talking to Jack only but still say "wasz kot" because you also know Jack's wife and you know that it's really Jack and Susan's cat, not just Jack's cat. I guess in such a situation it's just your choice how to say it.

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