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Two students using my email - password reset?

I have two students using my email address because they don't have one. The second student has to reset her password, but when I send a password reset, it automatically goes to change the password of the first user. How can I fix (change or find) the password of the second user. If I could give her another email account, I would set up something for that too.

March 11, 2016



Hi tdsaint,

I have two students using my email address

it's strange because Duo's system don't let two different accounts use the exact same email address.

My guess is that the "first user" does have your email address but the second one doesn't. It maybe a very little difference only, but given the Duo's system, it's impossible they have the same email address.

If the second user doesn't remember his password and the email he put when creating his account isn't an address he has access to, then (like it seems), then there are unfortunately no way to have access back to the account (as explained here)


I just deleted and tried to establish an account with a "sub-address" - I think it worked. Thanks!


Tbh your name does not look like soy une techer

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