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"Bob wythnos"

Translation:Every week

March 12, 2016



Robert Wythnos.

But on a serious note, why isn’t this pob wythnos? I found this on the beeb about when to use soft mutations. Is this why? -When adverbial expressions of time are used in sentences.


That's exactly why!

non-adverbial: Mae pob wythnos yn wahanol "Every week is different"

adverbial: Mae'n wahanol bob wythnos "It's different every week"


Isn't each week the same thing.


couldn't it also mean "all week"? it was marked incorrect.


That'd be trwy'r wythnos.


Would "weekly" be an acceptable translation here?


Unlikely. As a simple phrase to learn, 'every week' is the straightforward translation.

'weekly' is usually translated as wythnosol:

  • Dych chi'n mynychu'r cyfarfod wythnosol yn Aber? - Do you attend the weekly meeting in Aber?
  • Dych chi'n mynd i'r cyfarfod 'na bob wythnos? - Do you go to that meeting every week?
  • Mae'r daith wythnosol 'na'n ofnadwy o ddiflas - That weekly journey is terribly boring.
  • Rhaid i mi deithio yno bob wythnos - I have to travel there every week.
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