"I can buy everything!"

Translation:Mogę kupić wszystko!

March 12, 2016

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Mogę kupić wszystko actually sounds more like: I am so rich. Hurrah, I can buy everything. Mogę wszystko kupić is rather: ok i am in the shop and i can buy there everything what i need to buy. but the difference is very very subtle


Umiem kupić wszystko

would be correct as well, no?


No , umiem means ' I know how to '


Shouldn’t ‘wszystko’ come before the verb?


Both are fine actually. Since Polish is based a lot on inflection the actual word order in most cases does not matter, the word endings make the meaning and word relation. Just that it does not sound "natural" when it is changed. I guess the correct answer is usually the most common way of saying it. Nonetheless I can see someone saying both "mogę kupić wszystko" and "mogę wszystko kupić", and both mean the same.


Actually "moge wszystko kupic" is much more natural then "moge kupic wszystko"


No for some reason, wszystko at the end is ok.


But the other way around is wrong? Because it got rejected.


"Mogę wszystko kupić" is also OK. less common, but OK. Report.


I keep getting marked wrong for putting the object before the verb in this sentence but that order is possible in other sentences and the comments here seem to indicate it should be accepted , and is even more natural. Please allow it or explain why it is not accepted.


I agree that "Mogę wszystko kupić" sounds acceptable. Added.


what about- Wszystko mogę kupić!


Hmm... it's unusual. It even sounds okayish, but reversing the usual word order makes it sound as if you got angry with someone who claimed that "you can't buy it" and you answer? "No? I can't buy it? You're kidding, right? I'm rich, I can buy EVERYTHING!".


A few sections previously we had " I can't buy everything" and that had kupowac not kupic. Is it perfective where the sentence is positive and imperfective when it is negative or is that not significant?


I'd say that's significant in imperative (Do it/Don't do it) when indeed it's usually imperfective in negations, but here, not that much. It's rather dependent on what exactly you mean or how you interpret the sentence.

I just added "kupować" here, it seems possible, although somehow less likely - it would mean that I am able to buy everything (I want) whenever I want, on many occasions, on many trips to the store.

"Nie mogę kupować wszystkiego" put that interpretation forward, like "I am generally too poor to buy everything (that I want)". But "kupić" would also work, if you meant a specific occasion, like "I cannot buy everything that I was supposed to buy today". Or maybe actually "I'd like to own everything but I can't buy it".


Thanks, that makes sense

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