"Nie znają go."

Translation:They do not know him.

March 12, 2016

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Can you also say: "Oni jego nie znają." ?


As "jego" is the emphatic form, I wouldn't use it here, at least without more context. It just sounds strange. "Oni go nie znają" is perfectly fine.


Thanks for the reply.

I've heard that "jego" generally goes at the beginning and end of sentences, whereas "go" in the middle of sentences. Is this a good way to think about it?


Well... for sure at the beginning (but that's rare anyway, that sounds very much like correcting someone: "Jego kocham! Nie ciebie!"), and for the end... well, it should generally be avoided, so if you use it, it also gives the same emphasis. Let's just say that its natural usage is rather limited.


What does it mean


They don't know him


Why "znają" is correct but "znaję" for I know is not correct I know=znam. "Piję"= I drink I thought all verbs should end in "ę" if i refer to myself


There are several different conjugation patterns and a lot of verbs that end in -m in the first person singular. Wiem, jem, mam, czytam...


Where did the "they" come from in this sentence . Seems to me it was left out of the sentence. Thanks!


The form of the verb "znają" itself means "they know" (or rather here "they do not know"). You don't need the subject pronoun in Polish, it's usually omitted.

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