"What does higher education do?"

Translation:Що робить вища освіта?

March 12, 2016

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якесь дивне питання! Можете навести приклад, де воно застосовується в українській мові, а то я, як українець - не знаю!(((


Можливо, доцільніше було б сказати: Що дає вища освіта?


Погоджуюсь. Написав такий варіант - не підходить. Надіслав репорт.


Accepted now. Definitely much more meaningful... I don't know who made this sentence and what they were thinking at the time x) I'm confused by it as well :) (native speaker)


дивне запитання без змісту. можливо, "що дає вища освіта"?


... з людьми!


why is the Ukrainian вища освіта accepted on one question and not on another ? The first question was where did you receive higher education and I answered I received вищу освіту and it was wrong! Should have been just освіту! It's the same is it not?? Or there is very little difference at any rate!


Honestly, I am a native Ukrainian speaker and I took some time to choose the answer. You can say "Я здобув вищу освіту у цьому університеті." - " I received higher education in this university". In this situation, we would say "Що дає вища освіта?" "What are the advantages of higher education? ( Or word to word "What does higher education gives?")

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