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"I have to take the keys and the wallet."

Translation:Muszę wziąć klucze i portfel.

March 12, 2016



can wallet also be portmonetka? That's what my mother called it.


Yes, but I think that is a word primarily used by women, to describe what a man would call "portfel". ;-)

Back in the days it was a different thing(portmonetka was sort of a bag for coins with metal lock on top), but I think the meaning changed these days – anyway, it is a word that is falling out of use currently, or at least I haven't heard it for quite some time now.


yes of course - my mom, born in 1912 would say it and that's why I have it in my vocabulary - my dad probably used portfel. And he did like to carry coins in a little horseshoe-shaped leather pouch made in Poland - what would that be called?


Wow, I forgot those used to exist… My Grandfather(born 1892) used to use one of these – if memory serves he called it "podkówka"(diminutive of "podkowa" = horseshoe).

Edit: In fact, a bit of googling shows you can still buy those and indeed they are called "podkówka".


yes, I have three of my dad's - very special momento!


What is the difference between obrac and wziac? ( diacritics omitted)


You mean "brać", right? Because "obrać" is "to peel", like an apple or a potato.

Well, "wziąć" is the perfective verb (to take 'succesfully', one some specific occasion), "brać" is imperfective (to take sth regularly).

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