"I have to take the keys and the wallet."

Translation:Muszę wziąć klucze i portfel.

March 12, 2016

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What is the difference between obrac and wziac? ( diacritics omitted)


You mean "brać", right? Because "obrać" is "to peel", like an apple or a potato.

Well, "wziąć" is the perfective verb (to take 'succesfully', one some specific occasion), "brać" is imperfective (to take sth regularly).


The hint says obrać.


The hint comes from the English for Polish speakers course, where there are two sentences with 'to take this road' - which basically means the same as 'to choose this road'. "obrać" is an alternative for the verb "wybrać" (to choose) which is appropriate for the road-taking context. Apart from that, it mostly means "to peel" (like when you peel the potatoes for dinner).

I asked the contributors of that course to remove this hint. And at least now I understand why Arnold asked about that 5 months ago...


can wallet also be portmonetka? That's what my mother called it.

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