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  5. "Солнце уже на западе."

"Солнце уже на западе."

Translation:The sun is already in the west.

March 12, 2016



No. We speak "sontse" without any pause.


I always knew the sun was a western traitor.


That's an interesting way to refer to the sun setting.


Indeed, I answered "The sun is already setting"and obviously it was marked wrong.


I don't think it means the sun is setting. I took this sentence to mean that it's already afternoon, because that's when the sun enters the western part of the sky.


So it seems that the л is not spoken out loud. I've never encountered this before. Is there a rule to this? (Like with ...его sounding lie ewo) Or is it just for солнце?


Is the pause between "sol" and "ntse" the way it is actually pronounced in Russian?


I'm expecting a Honecker joke.


I know the joke about Honecker and the sun. And also one better: Why is east-german toilet paper two-layered? Потому что одна копия уходит в Москву.


"In the west" is unnecessary right? I'm pretty sure it should still be valid to say "the sun is already west"?


No it is necessary. "In the west" is the correct English.


you don't really say that in English?? this translation is surely too literal... the sun already sets (?)


Well, that's not the usual way to say that in Russian too. We are more likely to say "Солнце уже садится" (and that's literally "The sun is already setting") or "Солнце уже низко" ("The sun is already low"). But I guess they wanted you to remember the word "запад".


You are right about it being a literal translation. A more natural way of saying that in English would be: "The sun is already going down" or "The sun is already setting".


it makes sense actually if we translate litterally we might be able to understand better how languages work. :)


Although "The sun is already in the west" is perfectly intelligible to English speakers "The sun is already setting" or "The sun is already going down" are more common ways of saying this. As I write (Dec. 21st, 2017) "The sun is already setting" is not accepted. I believe it should be.


"Солнце уже на западе" is NOT the most common way to say that in Russian too. So why would you want to translate an unusual phrasing in Russian into a common one in English?

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