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What if I don't want my students to receive assignments as email?

I teach 7th and 8th grade Spanish and am finding it frustrating for me and confusing for my students that, when I create an assignment, it automatically emails the assignment to the student.

It means that if I create an assignment on Duolingo before assigning it in class, students get confused about why they received the email when I hadn't yet assigned anything. If I create the assignment after assigning it in class, there's the risk that students complete the assignment before I create it on Duolingo and thus don't get credit.

Is there any way to turn off the feature that automatically emails assignments to students?

March 12, 2016



For the "skill" assignments, if they already completed the skill then the system will count it directly as "done" for said student. So no risk to send those one after asaif.

For the "collect points" ones, until such option is added (if added), I suggest you prepare your assignment but don't click on the final "create".
Then tell the students in class "I'm sending you the new assignment right now [there you click on the final "create"]. Please wait to receive it before starting to work on it."


Hi! We are planning a change that would help with this situation. [[sooon]] — How have you been handling it for now? Thanks for your feedback (and patience)! :D


My students complain, and I agree with them, that the assignment are only via email, and you cannot see them on the website, or even see your progress on a given assignment... Did we miss something? Is there a way to do that? If not, do you think you could add these features? Thanks!

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