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Language Completion Ideas

I think language tree completion should be given greater meaning.

For example a ticker box on the side of Duolingo website listing all the latest users who completed one of their language trees, updating in real time.

Or their nicknames could rise up from the trees in the background or something. :) Nothing too distracting but enough to give hardworking people some credit for their success.

Also some statistics of users who finished languages, for example a total number of German, Italian and other languages learnt.

So just something to make us feel special when we finish that tree and give a better feeling of community learning languages together.

January 3, 2014



Afterward weeks and months of hard work, wouldn't it be nice to have the Owl singing "congratulations" or another suitable song to you?

If you can understand the words then you know you have arrived at the right level. On the other hand, If you cannot then you know you have a lot of practising to do.

Either way you would know "once the owl sings" that you have finished one journey and about to start on another one.


Hmm, an interesting idea, the simplest would probably be to use the national anthem of the country where the language is "claimed to have originated". Then another more complex song, to test your language prowess, and finally a mini-quiz to see how many words you can identify from that particular song.


I would love to hear that for some of the languages that people want in the incubator, such as Klingon and Elvish. Is there even a Klingon national anthem? :P


Surely there must be a Klingon national anthem [1], it is an Empire after all, and If there was none indicated during the series, I presume it wouldn't be hard for the fans to create one.

1 - http://www.ovguide.com/the-klingon-national-anthem-9202a8c04000641f80000000016d26d1


My national anthem is all about bombs and war. It's not something I would like to hear, actually. Images of death coming to mind does not feel very congratulatory :(

Edit: This Klingon Anthem business, I don't know what the words mean but I'm tickled pink. They can play that whenever I finish a tree xD (though, there are likely themes of war and death. I don't speak Klingong so it's fine)


Ha, you have to use your creativity, just think of bombs as bird poop, and war as two owls fighting over a potential mate. :)

Edit: You aren't learning your national "language", so I presume the anthem in the target language would be from whatever country the language is claimed to have originated. For learners of your home language (English, I presume), it would be somewhere in Europe, probably England or wherever historians claim it came from.

P.S. You should hear the South African national anthem, very few of the residents can actually pronounce all verses, simply because parts of it are in 11 different national and official languages.


chokes on my tea You crack me up Dessamater! :)


Perhaps a green check mark over your flag of the completed language.


Or a green or gold outline around the flag?


Gold outline sounds great. I'm also hoping that they will finally give in and give natives a special flag.


Statistics of how many people finish the tree versus how many people are "enrolled" in the course would be pretty cool and might produce some motivation.


That would be cool throughout the entire tree. Each level could include a little marker to the effect of "23% of Italian users have reached this point".


Well, I think there are many ideas on what could happen at the end of the tree. Personally, I think at some point, the tree will include more lessons, so an advanced tree could replace the current one with more complex topics and concepts.

A nice ending would be something like real games use. Perhaps some statistics like you say, an average amount of time you took to complete the game (tree), the highest streak, the number of sentences translated, and so on.

In fact, most games use a nice twist at the end, some challenge only the people who completed it can see, and that if passed gives you some sort of exclusive reward. This challenge should be especially complex and ensuring only some of the most dedicated learners can achieve. Once completed a special medal or flair could be given, in fact they could use the gear store to give the person who broke the previous record a nice nifty and exclusive gift or just a virtual (online) one.

In terms of the visual, I think what would really be nice is to have that small avatar at the bottom of the tree in our flairs, perhaps as a transparent icon behind the flag to indicate the completion of the tree.

Also, we could subscribe to a special discussion where we always receive a notification if a user has completed, what were their particular statistics, and if you completed it too, a nice comparison graph.


I like the special discussion idea where we could see the names of those who have just completed their trees. We could celebrate with them by giving lingots! :)


I totally agree. I was expecting animated fireworks and a clapping owl!


I set up a new discussion in the link below after you posted this one but we are on the same page :) I have basically suggested to duolingo to include a new large TREE ICON on the toolbar and when you click on it you find an orchard of multicoloured language trees. Each colour band on the tree provides visual statistics of what percentage of people are on what level. A little more info is provided in the link below. Let me know what you think. Fintan.



If you have other ideas please share.


Maybe a "Hall of Fame" for users who have completed multiple language trees


BLAZERUNNER would definitely be on that


At the very least, an "End of Tree" message posted to your stream.


I think this was suggested eons ago, and a staff member agreed with it. So it is either in the queue as one of the low priority items, or will never happen. But anyway, perhaps it could be a prompt on the bell notification, indicating to all your friends that friend X has just completed X course.


Yes, I suggested it more than 5 months ago and Luis said they would work on adding the feature so I'm hopeful it will come eventually.


Maybe a green tick beside the flag you've finished so that people here in discussion could see (alongside the level)


There is a test group with this feature at present. I really liked it. :)


oh yes, I would like that too! The 'learned a skill' symbol in the activity stream has now degenerated to just the same Basics symbol all the time (cracked egg) so it would be nice to have a sign somewhere that you have finished your tree. I'm hoping that this visual downgrade is in fact a sign that they are working on an upgrade behind the scenes.

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