"Die Erde hat einen Nordpol und einen Südpol."

Translation:The Earth has a north pole and a south pole.

March 12, 2016

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"Die Erde hat einen Nord- und Südpol" is much more aesthetically pleasing.


It's very common in German to use more articles than we would in English, and this also avoids unnecessary (and ambiguous) punctuation. Your example is definitely better in English, though.


Actually, no. "Die Erde hat einen Nord- und Südpol." sounds as if there is only one pole which is at the same time the North Pole and the South pole." To make sure you say there are two, you should at least say: "Die Erde hat einen Nord- und einen Südpol."


Hmm, thinking about it I think you're right.


In English, you cannot say 'a North Pole'. it is already capitalized specific name of the place and unless you talk about something like The Earth has a North Pole and a South Pole but has two East Poles, it is hard to use 'a' here. It is rather 'the' North Pole. Is it normal to use 'a' here in German? This article thing really drive me crazy!!!


Yes. But consider "einen" in this case more as a number than an article. You have a (one) nose and two ears. The definte article can't be used in German in this case.

But: Ich bin am (=an dem) Nordpol. Ich gehe zum (=zu dem) Nordpol. Ich sehe den Nordpol. Der Nordpol liegt ganz im Norden.


Thank you. Yes I understand einen but this is about the North Pole and the South Pole both of which should be only one place name. Like The Earth has one Berlin, it sounds very odd. But good to know you say der Nordpol.


Mars also has a north pole and a south pole. So does a magnet.


Absolutely. And the Earth actually has at least 27 Berlins, with 26 in the US alone :O)


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    The Earth used to have (at least - I expect there still are several others) two Berlins, one in Ontario, Canada which was renamed "Kitchener" (after a British general) during World War I. That town is located near Paris, Ontario, and London, Ontario.

    Furthermore, the Earth has more than one North Pole: North Pole, Alaska; North Pole, New York; and North Pole, Colorado... (Not to mention the geographic north pole versus the magnetic north pole).


    Just finished all the lessons in German, this was my last one and I can say I really learned alot , and u guys with ur tips did a lot of help and improved both my English and my German , once again thank you.

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