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Where are the feelings?

As I work through my Russian tree, I was wondering, where is a lesson on words related to feelings? Embedded in other lessons?

March 12, 2016



Maybe because - Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears - a very good movie, by the way!



hah) I just (re)watched it again few days ago, there are some deep emotional moments and I especially like second part. This movie together with some others created in Soviet Union became a cult films, and many phrases from these movies became a "mems" that people use in common (regular) life :)

from modern Russian movies I can advice only - День выборов link on russian torrent tracker


Feellings like what?) I just completed English-for-Russian-speakers tree, there are also nothing about feelings :)


No problem, you can ask me here, I'll try to help :)


When comrade not feel, comrade also never feel like comrade pressured. Is good for discipline when interrogated by western spy.

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