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Joining an Esperanto association

Saluton! I was thinking of joining an Esperanto association because it seemed like fun idea, but I'm not exactly how to go about the process. Should I join the Universala Esperanto-Asocio or should I join Esperanto-USA, my national organization? How about both? What do I need to do to join a youth organization?


(I've restarted my tree and I'm hoping I'll get through it this time, just in case you wanted a follow up to my last post.)

March 12, 2016



You can join both Esperanto-USA and UEA in one step, if you wish. Go to http://esperanto-usa.org/ then click on Join E-USA. On that menu, click on Purchase Membership. Then you will find yourself in the "Retbutiko", the online store of Esperanto-USA. There is some neat information there, and you can see in the left column a link for UEA also.
As the head honcho for local groups, I also recommend that you look into a local group in your area. Where are you located? You can actually help us. We need you to look for your local group on our E-USA website, and see if your area is represented there, and whether it is represented with good contact information. This will be a huge help. We are becoming more and more connected!
To find a local group in your area, go to http://esperanto-usa.org/ and click in the top menu on "Groups" then click on "find a group." Go to your state and see what information is there. Try to contact the representative for the local group, and then PLEASE LET ME KNOW: 1. If you succeed, we will know that that city or area has a good contact. 2. If there is information which does not work (broken link, or person /club is no longer the correct contact point). 3. If there is no information available for your city, I will try to find club information, or find a volunteer to be the contact point for that city or region. I will try to find out information about USEJ and post it here. (Usono Esperantista Junularo) (?) Thank you very much for doing this!! And thank you for your questions.

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Phil Dorcas ("Filipo") Commissioner for local groups, Esperanto-USA. Fort Worth, Texas Email to: filipo@grupoj.org Or message on Facebook: Phil Dorcas


It seems that most of the Esperanto organizations I see mentioned are for "youth" and exclude >30yo folks. Not very friendly.


I live near LA. The emails I sent to them did not go through for some reason and I don't really know what to do :P


I'd say join both. If you are under 30, then joining UEA automatically makes you a member of TEJO, the main youth organisation.


Is Esperanto a mix of languages, just like English? Cause I recognize some French words.


Most words in Esperanto were taken from European languages, especially French, but also English (e.g. birdo "bird"), German (e.g. hundo "Hund (dog)"), Polish (e.g. pilko "piłka (ball)"), Russian (e.g. krom "кроме (except)"), Greek (e.g. kaj "και (and)"), and Latin (e.g. jam "iam (already)").

Or at least, most basic roots - many words were also created in Esperanto out of other components of the language rather than borrowing a word for the complete meaning.


Esperanto is a constructed language, created by L.L. Zamenhof in 1887. He designed it to be easy to learn (I can testify that it is very easy. I love it!) and he also had a vision of it becoming an intermediary language between different peoples. It's a wonderful idea, and thanks to the internet, it's becoming more widespread. It's a great language to learn if you're new to learning languages. In one study, it was found that children who learned one year of Esperanto then one year of French had a better grasp of French compared to children who learned two years of French.


Is Esperanto-USA a subset of UEA? Does membership in E-USA automatically result in UEA membership?


Sort of but not really. Esperanto-USA has some kind of official relationship with UEA - I can't remember what they call it -- and I'm pretty sure E-USA is working under a specific mandate from UEA (which was one of the many reasons I advocated for the name change - since the old name was "for North America" but our mandate was only for the US.)

So, if you join E-USA you're some kind of partial member, affiliate member, or shadow member (I can't remember the term) of UEA, but you have no actual rights of membership. You have to join explicitly to receive that.

See FIlipo's comment (currently top comment) for more information.

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