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"Él escribió la letra de esa canción."

Translation:He wrote the lyrics of that song.

March 12, 2016



Lyrics to that song is the correct phrase in English.


Letra consider plurals?

Or it similar to la ropa = the clothes / the cloth? which is bring plurals and singular?


letra can be singular or plural, and has multiple meanings. My dictionary tells me that, in this context, letra = lyrics


Oh, So it is same case like la ropa.


It is when it means lyrics. If I ask you to write your name in block letters it would be "en letras de imprenta." ropa is never ropas; ropa is plural


Might help to think of it as 'wording of that song' as that's singular too


why not "the text of that song"?


I believe lyrics is a more appropriate word. The lyrics of a song are generally considered lyrical, that is poetic. Text is generally not poetic. However, if someone said to me "text" or "words" for song lyrics, while it would seem unusual and uncommon, it would be no big deal and would hardly register in my mind.

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