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"Eu não tenho encontrado meus amigos."

Translation:I have not been meeting my friends.

January 3, 2014



' I have not found my friends' is wrong. Why?


Maybe they'd translate it as "eu não encontrei meus amigos".

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  • I have not found = Eu não encontrei
  • I have not been finding = Eu não tenho encontrado


But I just translated "Eu não tenho encontrado meus amigos" as "I have not been finding my friends" and was dinged for it. :} (Reported.)


Is "I have not been finding my friends." acceptable?


You mean this one: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/451217 Still don't understand why you can translate to 'meet', but not to 'find'... And then the hover hints show 'found' as the first posibility, which is even more confusing.

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Encontrar is mainly to find, objects, hidden or lost things, or even hidden or lost persons. Same meaning as "achar" (when it's not to think).

But, encontrar pessoas is more commonly used to mean "meeting people".

Tenho um encontro: I have a meeting/date. Of course you could have been finding your friends, but that's a little unusual. Have been meeting is a lot better.


But what if you are playing hide and seek with your friends ...

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Then it's ok.


I hate how they put a word as a hint then mark it wrong. What is the point of the hints then? It's becoming frustrating.


The hints give the general translations of a word, like a dictionary does. Only a dictionary is generally more complete. But not every translation applies to every contect and it is part of the learning experience to learn which translations do apply and which ones don't. With Duolingo most of the time the first translation is appropriate but sometimes none of the hints apply. In that case you can report it.


I totally agree. Too many times I feel like I have to guess what single word they have picked as the correct answer, even though they've taught other words that mean the same thing.


Why is it not "Os meus amigos?"


It's also right.


Why is it wrong if I type in "I have not found my friends"?


"Same remark : what's wrong with "i have not found my friends" ?


= Eu não encontrei (os) meus amigos.


Do you mean "i have not found my friends" should be correct translation of "Eu não tenho encontrado meus amigos" ?


Not actually.

  • I have not found my friends = Eu não encontrei (os) meus amigos.
  • I have not been "finding"/meeting my friends = Eu não tenho encontrado (os) meus amigos.


OK, I see. Thanks.


"Tenho tentado, mas não tenho encontrado nada."

Here, "não tenho encontrado nada" means in english "I have not been able to find anything" and you will get it wrong if you do not put this..

So in this lesson, I wrote, translation "I have not been able to meet my friends" and got it wrong...

Can anyone help clear the air on the difference?

Obrigado gente


"I have not been meeting my friends" = Eu não tenho encontrado meus amigos

"I have not been able to meet my friends" = Eu não tenho conseguido encontrar meus amigos

I haven't seen the other question you are mentioning so I can't comment on it, but "haven't been doing something" has a different meaning than "haven't been able to do something" in both English and Portuguese.


In a previous lesson it used "...tenho encontrado com...". Is it better to use "com" here, or does it not really matter?

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