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  5. "Кто нас ещё помнит?"

"Кто нас ещё помнит?"

Translation:Who still remembers us?

March 12, 2016



"Who remembers us still" should be accepted.


why " who is still remembering us " is marked as wrong?


Strictly speaking, 'remember' is a non-continuous verb - along with many other verbs of inert cognition (consider, believe, hope, imagine), perception (see, feel, taste), and a bunch of others.

What this means is that these verbs either don't have a continuous form at all, or they have a distinctly different meaning when they're used as an -ing verb. The latter is true for the verb 'remember':

  1. 'I remember you' means that I still have a memory of you somewhere deep in my mind, and can become aware of you at some point in the future despite maybe not actively thinking about you right now.

  2. 'I'm remembering you' means that I'm thinking about you right now, recollecting some details about your appearance or your actions in the past, and maybe even relating those details to someone else in a conversation.

These two meanings are conveyed by different verbs in Russian.
1. To have memories of someone or something without actively bringing up those memories right now is "помнить".
2. To actively recollect something or someone right now is "вспоминать".


Could this be "Кто ещё нас помнит"?


"Кто ещё нас помнит?" gives a different meaning: "Who else remembers us?"


If I wanted to ask 'who do we remember still' I'd replace нас with мы?


Keep in mind that the person doing the remembering (the subject) changes, so words move from nominative to accusative. "Who still remembers us?" - Who is the subject. "Whom do we still remember?" - we becomes the subject. Note that I have changed the who to a whom. (This is not always done in English, because most people do not remember when to use who or whom, and we always know what we're saying even if we don't use the correct form; but in Russian, this change becomes pretty pronounced.)

Мы кого ещё помним?


Who does still remember us? It should be the correct form.


It's not, what you wrote is almost gibberish.

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