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  5. "Idę na stację z moją mamą."

"Idę na stację z moją mamą."

Translation:I am going to the station with my mom.

March 12, 2016



Why na instead of do?


Different places take different prepositions. The main rule would be that 'do' is for buildings, and 'na' is for open spaces, and clearly station is treated like the latter. However, there's a lot of exceptions in this matter. You can have a look at this topic.


Why is stacja accusative here and not locative?


because of "idę", most often if the verb indicates movement the case changes, https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Polish/Prepositions_as_hints_to_declensions


because it is: "where to?" (direction) not "where?" (place)


What's the difference between "stacja" and "dworzec"?


I thought about petrol station - my mistake: D


Actually it's possible. We only accept the general word "station", because it isn't precised in Polish at all, but it sure can be "stacja benzynowa" - after all it also serves as a shop, so why not.


When I was in Poland I always heard that they said "przystanek". What exactly is the difference?


"przystanek" is a bus stop or a tram stop, but a train stops at "stacja". Which seems to me it's exactly the same difference as in English.


Is this one of the cases where Polish differentiate between the present continuous and the simple present or should go be acceptbe


Yes, those cases are Verbs of Motion, so "going" is the most important of those.


"I am going with my mom to the station" is as perfect and as acceptable a translation in English. There is/was no need to mark it as wrong. There is however, a general need for better English explanations of grammar and idiom. Perhaps you should have a native speaker check or at least examine your texts and corrections before putting them out there?


There are currently two native speakers of English on our team. Please refer us to those texts you deem inappropriate, so that we can amend them if required.


"I am going with my mom to the station" has been added.

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