"We are inviting you to our house."

Translation:Zapraszamy was do naszego domu.

March 12, 2016

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Is this "do" because it's movement to a closed place?


Not really. It's always zapraszać kogoś do czegoś. Not very different from the English to.


Dziękuję bardzo


I'm sorry, but I have to disagree - the answer is closer to what MattMattM suspected. "do" would work with activities ("zapraszam was do wspólnego śpiewania" = I am inviting you to sing together), and then it also works just like in "You are going to our house", which is a closed space.

However, if I invited you to an airport, or a post office (let's remember that the 'closed space' rule is not a very solid rule), that would be "Zapraszam cię na lotnisko/pocztę", just like with going.

And for something that is actually very common with inviting - events. They take "na + Acc" when you are going to an event, same with inviting. Zapraszam cię na koncert/urodziny/imprezę.


Got you thanks,.

Jellei and alik1989, I'd like to say thank you for all the helpful comments they're much appreciated and have helped me and others learn a lot!


Ok, I've kinda forgot that zapraszać na also works. The first thought I had was zapraszać do tańca/ do stołu, which had nothing to do with closed spaces, hence my misconception.


Are cie and ciebie interchangable when talking about one person?


They are both genitive=accusative of Ty, but Cię is not accented, and Ciebie is accented At the beginning of the sentence and after preposition it has to be Ciebie, in longer sentence if preposition is at the end it is accented, so also ciebie (and by longer I mean sentences when you can put ciebie in the middle). If cię/ciebie is in the middle of sentence you can use either, but cię is not accented and ciebie is accented.

this happens with all prepositions that have more versions in the same case. (he/she/it/they have third n+ version that are used after prepositions)



"Zapraszamy cię do swojego domu" is it correct?


Yes, of course. Added.


I believe "Zapraszamy cię do naszego domu" should also be correct. Am I wrong?


That's exactly what I see on top of this page.

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