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Platzierungstest funktioniert nicht

I just made the ranking test for English (twice), each time with zero errors. After each test all I get is the owl asking me whether I want to start from lesson 1, or try myself at a ranking test. Again. (Guess it's obvious that I don't like to see "English lvl 1" in my profile, I'd prefer to actually get something from this test.) :) Checked with Firefox. No script-blockers for this site.

March 12, 2016

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No idea why it's not working. Since Duolingo is optimized for Google Chrome, I'd suggest to try this browser. At least for this one time.


Thanks :) I think the problem might be a different one: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/14466379 I didn't try it yet since I don't have the time and mind to do the English test right now again, and I guess that one person testing this won't tell much anyways (since I am awful at technical things) but I hope the information helps in pinning down the prob if there is one (other than, possibly, the browser used).

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