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  5. "Ga i dalu? Cei."

"Ga i dalu? Cei."

Translation:May I pay? Yes you may.

March 12, 2016



Where did ' cei ' come from ?


From the verb cael - it's the "you" form corresponding to the "I" form ca (here lenited as ga because it's a question).


This is contradictory for me. May I pay. Is asking if I would be paying. You may. Is saying the other person is paying. Who's paying?


It's probably more helpful to think of this as a conversation.

  • A: Ga i dalu?
  • B: Cei.

So A will be the one paying.


I though 'ga' have 'cei' were parts of the verb 'to have' for example 'ga I baned' = 'may I HAVE a cuppa'

Does it's use in this context translate roughly as "can I have payment(For this)? You can have" ?

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