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  5. "Scrivi la misura sul libro."

"Scrivi la misura sul libro."

Translation:You write the measurement on the book.

March 12, 2016



I feel your pain. I think Duolingo's idea of the correct answer is far too literal and not a good translation.


In the book is now accepted.


thank you, my thoughts exactly!


Why is "You write the size on the book" not OK?


Size and measurement are two somewhat different concepts. Size can be very general: extra large, small, huge, microscopic. Measurement is exact: five centimeters; 3 liters; 155 kilometers; 45 degrees Fahrenheit, etc.

The two words are different as are the concepts. Sometimes synonyms, but sometimes not.


given that a previous example uses misura to be a pants size and it is reasonable to be writing down a clothing size, I believe this should be one of the interchangeable cases


I agree, one question did in fact use misura as a pants size. The hints that used to be provided at the beginning of each lesson would help here, as was once done to explain the difference between piacere and conoscere.


I agree regarding the pants earlier so I used size here and it was rejected - I will request acceptance.


Yes, I also agree. This is pedagogically not good.


Am I the only one who thinks that "write down" and "in the book" make far more sense than "write on the book"? I mean, it makes sense in English, but I am not sure if it is the correct translation of the sentence in Italian.


I am mostly with you, "down" may be optional, but unless it is really referring to writing on the book cover, I think it jas to be "in".


Does 'sul libro' specifically mean 'on the books, as in on the cover of it, or can it be more accurately translated as 'in the book'. If not, would 'nel libro' be more suitable?


In the book sounds better to me.


Couldn't it also be an imperative? Write the measures on the book!


Imperatiive was accepted!


how do you know when misura means size and when it means measurements?


la misure also translates as "the size" . If you go to buy a piece of clothing in IT they will ask you "la tua misura?" so the translation "you write the size on teh book should be accepted


what's the meaning of this sentence?


Bad English! It is 'in' the book!! On the book means the cover!!


We would never say this : we would say 'in' the book


...it seems to be the Italien way to write...


The translator is frequently not clear enough for a learner .. the "a "in misura was not clear and sounded like an e. There are so many things to noticr in a sentence that being clear is imperative.. continues to be frustrating Are you only interested in your money with no care about our learning.. its getting worse!! :(

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