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Help with learning French

I've been learning French since the beginning of the year, yet I feel like my tactic haven't been very effective. I was wondering if someone could share with me their way on how to learn French. It'd be greatly appreciated.

March 12, 2016



Do a little bit every single day. Language is something that you acquire slowly and with consistency. You can't learn it quickly, and you can't learn it by putting in one or two days a week. Slow and steady wins the race here, for sure.


I totally second Lrtward's advice and recommend keeping a notebook where you write sentences and conjugations down. Don't compare your progress with others, either. Some people have a natural gift for language learning and for the rest of us, we have to work a little longer at it. Bonne chance!


I agree with you completely with little by little. To be frank, I'm not very consistent and I need to change that. Thank you for the good advice!


That's good advice


I am not sure if my tactic is a good one for you (and others) because we are all different and we learn in different ways and we have different things which motivates us (and I think the motivation is the most important key). Anyway, long time ago I tried to learn French (year and a half) in a language school, with a private teacher and after with some self-study program. At that time I was A2 level but I stopped and after few year I've forgot everything!

____My mistakes: ________

1) Even though I liked French I wasn't so motivate in learning it.

2) I didn't make a good schedule and I just studied one or two times (for maximum 2 hours) per week.

3) I didn't have any goals.

4) I didn't use a language apart of being in a class.

5) I was focused on grammar (which is good but it isn't motivating when you can't use your knowledge because you know too less words).

__Recently I've tried it again but with different approach:_____

1) I am really motivate in learning. I am currently studying with: a) Duolingo b) Lingvist (https://lingvist.io/) c) Memrise (www.memrise.com/)

2) I didn't start with learning a grammar but primarily vocabulary.

3) I am studying every day! And I think this is very important! Study as much as you can but every day! If you only can 20 minutes than take these 20 minutes every time. It is better than two or three times for one or more hours by week. This means that you should make a good schedule so you can't say that you don't have time for studying a language.

4) Of course, sometimes you aren't in a mood of studying. That is fine but in that period try to repeat (or in Duolingo strengthen your skills). It won't be a big challenge for you because you are repeating but it is a really important for learning as well.

5) If you like music than try to listen something in French. If you like movies/ cartoons/ anime/ etc. than try it in French. However, I think you need to be concentrate on this tasks. You will not understand the sentences but just try to perceive words and find out words which you already know. In the begging don't take this so serious because you will be just frustrate how much you don't know. This should be mainly for fun (if you are beginner). For example, I may watch anime which I've already watched for 10 minutes per day. If I watch more I start to be frustrate because I am interested in watching but I don't understand the words.

__When I learn more of French I think to make some changes and focus on:____

6) Watching the movies/ reading the books in French

7) Talking with others in French (very important!)

8) Understanding more grammar

9) Taking some French courses.

This is just my plan. I am beginner and I don't like "boring courses and books" so I start first with this, in my opinion, interesting web sites and programs and after when I learn enough I am thinking to infiltrate "boring methods" as well. I hope, I helped you at least a little bit with my failures and new approaches.


Thank you for all of those helpful tips, might apply a few of the. I appreciate that you shared with me your experience with learning French. Again, thanks a lot!


just go with the flow and fail some questions because when you fail a question it is given to you again then you get used to it!!


Thanks for the advice!


I watch an episode of Parlez-Moi every day. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC91jtIfx9bZkQaM2bGmCQOA

Take breaks too. In the morning, I study one new lesson a day, and strengthen a task I've recently completed. In the evening, I may strengthen another skill, but I rarely do more than two in a row.


Hm, I tend to do that too. : D Thanks for the advice though, it's helpful!


I usually study the words for some time and get the hang of it. If you study, maybe it might help you.


I tend to take a lesson for one day and that's it; done. I'll take your davice and take more time!


you should practice the main pronunciations which are ( A,E,I,O,U) THE A sounds like AH THE E sounds like uh(eh) it like saying an a but with an e THE I sounds like 'ee' THE O sounds like oh an THE U sounds like ooh but also search up the french alphabet , get a better understanding of what each letter sounds like by its self. like l'ea(u)(water) l'ooh or repas(meal) reh-pah & jolie(pretty) joh-lee /you will get the hang of it also search up the accent in french and you'll see what i mean


Depending on the accents on top of the character, the letters will sound vastly different!

"é " sounds like the stereotypical Canadian "eh", whereas "è " or "ê " sound like the soft "e" in "set". Also double consonants (like "tt" and "ss") will make the soft "e" sound, followed by their own sound, if there is an "e" before them.

"ç " sounds like an "s", which is why it is important for words like Français(e).

Also a note: "LL" or "gn" will often sound like a "y". (Like in "Abeille" or "Gagner" -- a bee, to win)

I think you pretty much summed it up otherwise! ;D


Yeah, I've thought about checking out the complete alphabet, might do so. Thanks for the advice.

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