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  5. "Какого цвета твоя сумка?"

"Какого цвета твоя сумка?"

Translation:What color is your bag?

March 13, 2016



"Какого цвета" is accusative here?

Why is it not какой цвет твоя сумка?

[deactivated user]

    It's not accusative (in fact, for «цвет», accusative and nominative look the same, «какой цвет»), it's genitive.

    We use the genitive because a bag is not a colour. A bag is of a certain colour. 'Of' is usually translated with genitive in Russian.

    For some reason English speakers don't use 'of' when asking questions (i.e. We say 'a bag is of a red colour', but we don't say 'what colour is the bag of?', we lose the 'of' somewhere). I don't know why English speakers don't use 'of' in questions. For me, Russian way of saying things makes much more sense, and English seems illogical! :D


    Hehe, thanks for this explanation, it totally makes sense now :)


    I agree with you


    Duolingo - calling me out for my bad English instead of my bad Russian once again


    I had 'which colour is your bag', which was not accepted.


    How do you know when you should decline какой?

    [deactivated user]

      Basically, we form a question by replacing some word in a sentence. You form the sentence as if you were answering it, but replace some part with a question word and more that question word to the beginning of the sentence (sometimes move not just a word, but a group of words that includes the question word).

      E.g. if your answer is «Твоя́ су́мка кра́сного цве́та», you form the question word by replacing «кра́сного» with «како́го», and moving the question word «како́го» or the group of words including the question word «како́го цве́та» to the beginning. So, that's how you arrive at «Како́го твоя́ су́мка цве́та?» or «Како́го цве́та твоя́ су́мка?». (With «цвет», it sounds more natural to move the whole group in the beginning.)

      So, the question word replaces some part of the sentence. And you look at the case of the replaced word and use the same case for question.

      Here's an example of questions and answers to them:

      • Како́й цвет тебе нра́вится? — Мне нра́вится кра́сный цве́т. 'Which colour do you like?' 'I like the red colour.' (literally Which color to-you is-appealing?) — both «кра́сный» and «како́й» is in nominative case, because кра́сный/како́й цвет is the grammatical subject of the sentence.
      • Како́го цве́та у тебя́ нет? — У меня́ нет кра́сного цве́та. 'Which colour you don't have?' 'I don't have the red colour' (literally Which colour at you[r possession] is-not?) — both како́го and кра́сного is genitive, because you use genitive with не́т to express absence.
      • К како́му цве́ту ты равноду́шна? — Я равноду́шна к кра́сному цве́ту. 'Which colour are you indifferent to?' 'I'm indifferent to the colour red.' — it's dative, because равноду́шен requires к + Dative.
      • Како́й цвет ты лю́бишь? — Я люблю́ кра́сный цвет. 'Which colour do you like?' 'I like the red colour.' — both кра́сный and како́й are accusative (although in this case it's not very different from nominative)
      • Каки́м цве́том ты закра́сишь фо́н? — Я закра́шу фон кра́сным цве́том. 'Which colour will you paint the background with?' 'I'll paint the background with red colour.' — both каки́м and кра́сным are instrumental.
      • О како́м цве́те ты ду́маешь? — Я ду́маю о кра́сном цве́те. 'What colour are you thinking about?' 'I'm thinking about the colour red.' — both како́м and кра́сном are prepositional.

      With «како́й», you usually can guess the case by looking at the noun it modifies. «Како́й» replaces an adjective, so it usually modifies some noun. So, it uses the same number and case as the noun uses, and it also agrees with it in gender.


      Wow, thanks so much! Here's five measly lingots.


      огромное спасибо вам!


      I translated this as "What color is your purse?" This should absolutely be accepted.


      Is asking «Какой цвет твоей сумки?» correct?


      Каким цветом является твоя сумка?! Is it a new level of an american simplifying in English?

      What is color of your bag? Should be accepted, but it wasn't.

      [deactivated user]

        I’m not a native speaker, but I’d put ‘the’ in your sentence, since you’re talking about a specific colour: ‘What is the colour of your bag?’

        Also, I doubt ‘what colour is your bag?’ has anything to do with America. This construction is quite popular on the both sides of the Atlantic.


        "What is the color of your bag?" is not accepted by DL. Would love to know why.

        • 1678

        What is the color of your bag ? Why is this wrong?


        What's your bag's color?

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