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  5. "Eu acho que é impossível."

"Eu acho que é impossível."

Translation:I think that it is impossible.

January 3, 2014



Curious but would another translation be "I find that it's impossible"?


And I believe it's impossible!


What's wrong with "I find that it's impossible"?! We use the word "find" that way in English all the time! E.g. "I found that film to be awful"; "I find that woman's personality to be grating."


Oh, I have. I just find it cathartic to complain on here too! ;)


How would you say "I think that is impossible."


I was also wrong saying 'I think that is impossible'


I think it would be "Eu penso que aquele é impossível."


Eu acho que aquilo é impossivel**

Or... sometimes, it has the same translation!! =)


So, as I gave that as the translation, should it be allowed? Or is it too slack?


Just report ^.^


I've reported this with the explanation that "it" becomes redundant in English when paired with "that", and vice versa. Of this I'm absolutely certain in modern English but if there is some reason it would not be the case in Portuguese, I'd need that explained. I just know if the translation "I think that it is impossible" is accepted then "I think that is impossible" is the same as "I think it is impossible."

Of course, I still am flummoxed by the double negatives in Portuguese.


Whats the difference between achar and pensar


i think that is the same as:

"adivinhar" = "achar" = "guess"

"pensar" = "think"

They are interchangeable, ex:

"Eu acho que vai chover"

"Eu penso que vai chover"

but depends on the context, as in a conversation:

1) "Eu acho que gosto de você"

2) "Eu penso que gosto de você"

It's more common and normal to say the phrase in 1, than in 2


And can "achar" and "encontrar" mean the same, too?


It depends..., "achar" = guess/think (can be find out too), and "encontrar" = find out, so if I say:

1) "Eu achei o livro de história que tinha perdido"

2) "Eu encontrei o livro de história que tinha perdido"

= I found the book of history that had lost

It's ok, but, in this case:

"Eu achei que te amava.... / Eu julguei que te amava..." = "I thought I loved you... / I judged I loved you...", you can't say: "Eu encontrei que te amava...." --> wrong !

But I guess: "I find that I love you", it's ok in english, correct me if I'm wrong

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I wrote"I think that is impossible" and I got wrong:(

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