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Consideration of the boredom factor

Now i love duo and i am loving esperanto but i do think there needs to be further thought about the presentation of material in huge ( and potentially boring ) blocks - seven lessons about numbers in a row...yawn. I usually devour my lessons but just haven't been able to face more than one or two in a row. Its no good gamifying language learning only to make the lessons themselves too boring because there is too much coming in one place. An alternative would be to Split them up into numbers1 and numbers2 like we do adverbs or verbs ( which are actually less boring)

Just a thought.

March 13, 2016



Totally agree and we're already doing it in the next tree version. Numbers only has 5 lessons in the next tree and we've also split up Prepositions all across the tree to make that less overwhelming too. I hope when we release the new tree in a few months you'll agree that we're already moving in the direction you're proposing. This is why courses go through a public "beta" testing phase, so we can discover where such issues like this lie. :) Thanks for your input!


Yes! I'm forgetting every preposition I learn as I go through each lesson!


I'm facing the same issue in Swedish... :-/


Is this tree for English speakers or is it for a different language? Sorry if this seems somewhat obvious, I'm not completely sure.


This tree is for English speakers, although we're using the tree 2.0 as a template for the Esperanto for Spanish speakers course, which should come out in a few months. :)


Did you tried testing out the whole skill (skipping the individual lessons)? I do this sometimes when there are too much lessons for one skill and I am comfortable enough with the language and concept of the learning skill.


I am totally agree with you. To be frank, anything more than three will consumes too much energy from me. But , again esperanto still in the beta test and I really hope that the Esperanto Team ( read: I am pretty sure ) , they will improve the skill tree or add some stuff.

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