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  5. "У женщины есть ребёнок."

"У женщины есть ребёнок."

Translation:The woman has a child.

March 13, 2016



I keep on saying 'the woman ate the child'


I am a bit confused! It was suposed that женщины is plural. I think that it would have been correct to say женщина in this case! Please tell me if I am wrong.


nominative singular = женшина nominative plural = женщины genitive singular = женщины genitive plural =женщин


Means we are in genitive singular right now, great thx


Благодарю вас!


I said "A woman has a child" and it was marked as incorrect. Technically both sentences could be used in real life, so I don't want to hear any of this "Well, you have to see from the context of the sentence that it is 'the' and not 'a'" nonsense.


Is "дети" and "ребята" the same? Are they used interchangeably? Or "дете" and " ребёнок?"


Not really. "Ребята" is closer to "guys" but it's used much less often. "Дете" is not a word. There is the word "дитя" but it's old-fashioned.


I am not english native speaker but its hard for me to see the genitive in "a woman has a child" . To me that is nominative!! Does "a child is had by the woman" makes more sense as a proper translation ??


How would you say "A woman has the child"?


I think it should be the same- that was how I answered it and it was marked as wrong.


It depends on what you mean by that sentence.


Couldn't this also be "The woman eats a child"?


In this case it would have been "женщина ест ребенок".

So it will have no "у" before woman, woman wouldnt have been plural, and "ест" with no "ь"


Hello, I'm going to guess that your native language is Portuguese because of your name. OK, esta frase é semelhante "A mulher tem uma criança." Se você disse "A criança é tido pela mulher" isso soa muito estranho, né? Não usamos isso em conversa, então a tradução certa é "The woman has a child."


Why женщины with ы and not женщини with a и? Is there any rule to know if we put ы or и?


It depends on the original ending. А and Я usually turn Ы/И respectively.

  • мама → мамы
  • актриса → актрисы
  • земля → земли
  • химия → химии

If А is preceded by к,г,х,ш,ж, ч, щ, use И. The most important of these 7 is к; a lot of feminine nouns end in -ка:

  • девочка → девочки
  • кошка → кошки
  • лампочка → лампочки


Thank you very much!


Why is "The woman has a baby" not correct?


What's the difference between "Дети" and "Ребёнок"?


"Дети" is the plural form of "ребёнок". It's an irregular noun.


I type in "the woman has a child." Twice and it marked it wrong but then for the correct translation it was the same thing i typed. I lost 3 hearts because of it and i didnt get credit for the lesson becuase i only had three hearts left


Wrote have insted of has. My english needs work not my russian


Why is it that every time that a word has an apostrophe, it says that I am wrong even though I am right? Can anyone explain this?


By "a word has an apostrophe" I assume you mean "ь", and I also assume that you're using the Latin transliteration. I would recommend that you figure out how to get a Russian keyboard so that this won't be a further issue. If you meant something else just say.


That it, it happens in words like здесь есть and мальчик. Thanks and also, I can just change the input language of my keyboard and that should do.


Sounds good, glad to help :).


Why we use 'у' ? We can also say this sentence without у ..Also у is used for asking questions


why is kid not correct?


La palabra женщины es mujer en plural. En la traducción al inglés debería ser women.... Este detalle cambiaría palabras en toda la oración.


Im geting pretty good at this :D

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