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"Ble dych chi'n mynd dros y gwyliau?"

Translation:Where are you going over the holidays?

March 13, 2016



Where are you going for the holidays? was correct on other questions so why not here?


I've got to say that I also never say 'over the holidays'.


The purpose of this course is to learn Welsh, not English. If you stick with 'over' you will learn what the word means and you will still understand what the sentence means. It is related to Latin trans, Spanishtras, English through etc. See Wiktionary and follow links.


In my opinion, "for the holidays" and "over the holidays" have slightly different meanings. The former suggests you expect someone to spend their whole holiday period somewhere away from home, whereas the latter could be any amount of time during the holidays. Imagine if the sentence was "Where are you going over the next few months" - then we couldn't replace "over" with "for" and get the same meaning. Either way, the sentence above is grammatically correct.


Good point. It's a very fine distinction, but it does make a difference. Something that I think requires context, and is easily influenced by habit, culture and situation.


Is there a difference with using Ble and Lle for where? My dad always uses lle when he speaks welsh


When asking 'Where?', both are used, with Lle? being more usual in some northern areas.


Try to be consistent, Duo! I translated "dros" as "over" the weekend. Wrong! Should be "for". So, wen "dros" came up again in "dros y gwyliau" I translated it as "for". Wrong again, should be "over". As far as I'm concerned, I can see nothing wrong with either translation but, over and above that, I find it intensely irritating that Duo makes an arbitrary decision and then tells me I'm wrong because I did not make the same arbitrary choice between two perfectly acceptable answers.

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