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  5. "Я очень люблю грибы с луком."

"Я очень люблю грибы с луком."

Translation:I like mushrooms with onions very much.

March 13, 2016



Why is "I like mushrooms with onion a lot" not accepted? Living in England, I know that this would be the more natural-sounding way to say it.


I had "I like mushrooms with onion very much." marked as wrong. I think it doesn't like the singular onion.


And, indeed, the Wiktionary chart shows "дуком" as the instrumental singular for onion, and "луками" as the plural, so isn't Dartychu technically correct?? I'm guessing maybe like potato, it's treated as un-countable, so the singular could or even should be translated to plural "onions" in English? Help!


If "Мальчик с девушкой" is the translation for boy and girl, why not mushrooms and onions here - the meaning is clear

[deactivated user]

    In «ма́льчик с де́вочкой» (I think you've meant де́вочкой, right? ма́льчик с де́вушкой is a pair of different ages), both ма́льчик and де́вочка are on the same level, it's a pair of two people. So, «ма́льчик с де́вочкой» is seen as two people as not a single entity. (This is also why we use the plural verb forms for it: «ма́льчик с де́вочкой иду́т<not идёт> в магази́н» 'a boy and a girl go<not goes> to the shop'.)

    In грибы́ с лу́ком, лук is an addition to грибы́, грибы́ is a dish of its own, but лук isn't. So, «грибы́ с лу́ком» is a single dish. Since «грибы» is plural in itself, we don't see much difference in the verb forms, but in «ры́ба с лу́ком» 'fish with leek/onions' you'd use a singular verb form because «лук» is seen as a modifier to «ры́ба», and not an entity of its own, so «рыба с луком» is a single entity.


    I wrote 'I very-much lime mushrooms and onions' and I was marked wrong but I don't concur.


    I wrote "I like the mushrooms with onions very much", but it didn't like the "the". I was thinking this would be a situation where there is a buffet or something where there's a clearly defined set of dishes, one of them being the mushrooms and onions.


    There is such a thing as one single onion. This violates no law of physics. So why is onion singular banned?

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