"Nowa herbata i stara kawa"

Translation:New tea and old coffee

March 14, 2016

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Ah, stara. Finally, A Clockwork Orange's Nadsat has helped me guess the meaning of a new word without having to check the hints.


It is an odd expression, no doubt put together to illustrate specific words or word endings, but what would "Fresh tea and stale coffee" be?


fresh (not stale) tea/coffee/ bread - świeża herbata/kawa/ świeży chleb

fresh (freshly brewed) tea/coffee - świeżo zrobiona/zaparzona herbata/kawa fresh (freshly made/baked) bread - świeży chleb/ świeżo upieczony chleb

stale tea/coffee/bread - nieświeża/zwietrzała/stara/niedobra herbata/kawa/
czerstwy/nieświeży/stary/suchy chleb (proverbial "suchy chleb dla konia")

In my understanding the expression "Nowa herbata i stara kawa" means:
new tea as "a new brand of tea on the market - nowy gatunek herbaty na rynku", and old coffee as "a well-known, favorite, good and trusted brand
of coffee - znana od dawna/dobrze znana/ ulubiona i zawsze dobra kawa (rodzaj/gatunek kawy)"


'świeża herbata' for sure but about the coffee... I don't know, I don't drink coffee so I don't know the right word. Maybe simply 'nieświeża'? Actually, I can imagine 'stara'...


Its against coffee lol


hey, that's biased against coffee!

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