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  5. "Noch mehr Zahlen"

"Noch mehr Zahlen"

Translation:Still more numbers

January 3, 2014



A little bit of context would have been nice.


Noch mehr Kontext??? ;-)


The number can be in German "die Zahl", "die Nummer" or "die Anzahl". An example for "eine Nummer" is "die Hausnummer" or "die Telefonnummer" of a person. Anzahl: How many guests have come? Answer: "Die Anzahl unserer Gäste (genitive case: of our guests) ist 34." Zahlen: Noch mehr Zahlen, noch mehr Mathematik: ganze Zahlen und Bruchzahlen, positive Zahlen und negative Zahlen, reelle Zahlen und Realzahlen and last not least "die Primzahlen".


Is "Still more digits" incorrect?


Based on what I've figured out so far, I think Zahl doesn't exactly mean "digit"; it means something more like "numeral".

The difference is that a numeral is visible on paper, but a digit is an abstract concept that only exists in the mind (but can be represented using a numeral).


So this sentence can mean more whole numbers (with any number of digits) or more figures to one number (wich are not visible or known)?


The person speaking the sentence would be talking about some lines or symbols written on paper. The symbols represent numbers, but the person isn't talking about numbers; just the symbols.

So this sentence could mean a really long phone number, or zip code, or PIN, or IP address. It could mean a mathematical equation. Or it might mean a list of numbers.


why is it not: a bit more to pay?


It's not 'a bit', is it? It's even more....


when noch comes with mehr it is a bit more i think


In German, you would need the words "ein bisschen mehr" or "etwas mehr" to express "the bit". Having to pay "even/some more" (noch/etwas mehr) or "a bit more" is not the same thing... and DL takes its translations quite literally.


'more numbers yet' should be accepted.


Could "Even more paying" be a correct answer?


I think it is incorrect in this sentence because Zahlen is a noun here, meaning number. When it is "zahlen", it is a verb meaning to pay.


What does that even mean?

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