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  5. "Tá sí fós ann."

" fós ann."

Translation:She is still there.

March 14, 2016



"Ann" is the inflected form of the preposition i "in", here inflected for masculine singular. So, another meaning to this sentence is clearly "She is still in him/it".

March 14, 2016


Could someone please explain the difference between 'ann' and 'ansin'?

May 17, 2018

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It's a bit like the difference between "there" in the sense of "there is a God" or "there will be rain later" or "is there an answer to this question?" and "there" in the sense of position - "over there" - "is there anyone there?" uses both versions of "there".

Generally, ann is used for the "there of existence", ansin is used the "there of position".

In this case the "there" is more of a generalized "there" (has she not gone away yet?) rather than a specific location, though there can be some degree of ambiguity about that.

ansin can also mean "then"/"at that time", but that ansin can't be swapped for ann.

May 17, 2018


I think "She is there yet" should be accepted.

January 15, 2019
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