"Mi wnes i godi."

Translation:I got up.

March 14, 2016

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Is this "got up" in the sense of "awoke," or "stood up," or both?


codi can mean many things - lifting, raising, getting up, increasing, standing up, building, etc etc - depending on the context. It is also used in many idioms. See its entry in gweiadur.com.

'To wake up' is usually dihuno or deffro.

In this example Duo seems to mean 'getting out of bed' or 'standing up', perhaps.


To me it has always meant got up after waking up. It carries other meanings to do with lifting / raising, but the sense here is got up out of bed


Just a small point but I come from Hampshire originally and people don't really say "I rose" in english. We would say I got up but there is no option for this in the choice.


The preferred translation in the database is 'I got up'.

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